Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Collected Short Stories Volume 1

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Each of the stories in Centipede's first volume is a gem worthy of finer inspection. Giving star ratings is a fool's task, but here goes...

***** Love, Love, Love - Personal Favorites Going in the Tiny Desert Island Anthology
"The Hole on the Corner"

**** Great Stories - Going in the Larger More Spacious Luxury Desert Island Bookshelf Anthology

"The Man Who Made Models"
"The Six Fingers of Time"
"Frog on the Mountain"
"Narrow Valley"
"Days of Grass, Days of Straw"
"Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne"
"Rivers of Damascus"

*** Good Stories - worth further inspection on the mainland; better than the large majority of lesser stories in the world

"Square and Above Board"
"Jack Bang's Eyes"
"All But the Words"
"The Ungodly Mice of Doctor Drakos"
"Condillac's Statue or Wrens in His Head"
"About a Secret Crocodile"
"The Ninety-Ninth Cubicle"
"The Skinny People of Leptophlebo Street"

** Average Stories, nothing of note - none of those here

* Bad Stories - nope, not a one of 'em to be found.

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